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What do I do now I have a snake?

Following are some of the options you may wish to consider if you are not an expert in snake handler by trade or training.

A) Call a professional snake handler to come and remove the snake
B) With great care take it to a council

The trap is made of mesh fabric that offers no protection against snake bite. I in anyway you are uncertain that you can deal with a caught snake, please do not buy this product and consider an electronic snake repeller.

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Just to let you know that your snake repellers are working great. After $2,600 in vet bills for 2 of my 4 dogs in past years, the repellers are doing a great job. I live on 5 acres and have them close to the house. Adjoining properties are reporting lots of snakes this year after the winter rain and a big increase in the mouse population.

Peter N, Kyogle, NSW

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