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Can I catch other bugs or insects with it?

A resounding yes! The Spider Catcher's applications are endless. It will actually pick up a strand of hair from a table, rendering it sensitive enough for use in laboratories. As well as Spiders we have caught wasps, bees, moths, butterflies, beetles and even scorpions. There are a number of different prototype heads being tested prior to their introduction, so far, this is the best all rounder. Let us know what you catch so we can add it to the list!

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We had a massive influx of Indian Mynahs in the past few months. Our neighbours were overrun by at least 50 birds at a time! My husband fashioned this attachment and our population of Indian Mynahs and ALL our other birds have also disappeared from our back garden, trampoline and outdoor setting area!! Instant results, instant satisfaction!! Thank you so much

John, Helen and Mac

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