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1Are the snake repellers guaranteed against all snakes?Snake Repellers
2Are the spiders really unharmed?Spider Catcher
3Bait is gone and NO red light?Raticator Max Infrared Rat Zapper
4Can humans hear the Catstop?Cat Stop
5Can I adjust the sensitivity of the ScareCrow?Multiple
6Can I catch a Spider when it’s moving?Multiple
7Can I catch other bugs or insects with it?Multiple
8Can I hook the ScareCrow up to my in-ground irrigation system?Multiple
9Can I reach the ceiling with it?Multiple
10Can I switch the ScareCrow off?Multiple
11Can I use any type of battery in the trap?Raticator Max Infrared Rat Zapper
12Can I use any type of battery in the trap?Raticator Plus Rat Zapper
13Can I use batteries in the Zaparat?Zaparat With Adapter 6V
14Can I use the Catstop during winter?Cat Stop
15Can my cat hear the Catstop from inside my house?Cat Stop
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