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Protecta RTU Bait Station x6 Instructions

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How it works

The Mouse-size PROTECTA RTU holds 28g, 20g and 15g BLOX baits.  Triangular-shaped with angled entry holes, PROTECTA RTU fits flush against a wall or in a corner where mice travel.  Mice do not hesitate to enter and once they're inside, the station's interior baffles lead them to the bait.

Compact PROTECTA RTU fits in tight baiting places under pallets, in cupboards or behind appliances.  It is made of heavy-duty, injection-moulded plastic to withstand tough baiting situations.

This tamper-resistant bait station automatically locks when closed, keeping bait away from children and non-target animals.  Yet, a simple motion with the PROTECTA 2-prong key unlocks the device.

I am using my scarecrow sprinkler to keep pigeons off the ground and from around the feeder. It is doing great and keeps them away 100%. As soon as they see it on the lawn they keep away. Thanks a lot.

John W

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