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Snail & Slug Trap x6 Instructions

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How it works

The Slugga Snail and Slug Trap is a highly effective environmentally friendly slug and snail trap that doesn’t require any chemicals, pellets or sprays to work… and work well.   The trap simply relies on the irresistible attraction that beer or soapy water has on slugs and snails. 


Dig a hole and put the trap into it, making sure that the rim is level with the surrounding ground.
Bait the trap by either:

Regularly check and empty the trap by simply removing its lid and carefully lifting the trap from the ground
Dispose of the contents; clean, refill and replace

Warning:  Do not use toxic bait or chemicals that may harm pets.

I am using my scarecrow sprinkler to keep pigeons off the ground and from around the feeder. It is doing great and keeps them away 100%. As soon as they see it on the lawn they keep away. Thanks a lot.

John W

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