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16How do I know when then batteries need replacing?Zaparat With Adapter 6V
17How do I test that the trap is working?Raticator Max Infrared Rat Zapper
18How do I test that the trap is working?Raticator Plus Rat Zapper
19How does Contrac work?Multiple
20How does Ditrac work?Multiple
21How does the animal trap work?Multiple
22How does the Big Cheese trap work?Animal Trap Small
23How does the small animal trap work?Animal Trap Small
24How does the Zaparat work?Zaparat With Adapter 6V
25How long does the battery last in the Snake repeller?Snake Defence Multi Pulse | Snake Repeller
26How long will the ScareCrow operate before needing a new battery?Multiple
27How many Hawk Bird Scarers do I need?Multiple
28How much bait do I need?Multiple
29How much water pressure is needed?Multiple
30How often do I replace the rings?Nooski Mouse Trap
The 6 snake repellers we purchased must be doing the job as there have been no sightings so far in what seems to be an active snake year. Thank you so much!

Harry H, Tas

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