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How do I test that the trap is working?

To conduct the test you will need a damp cloth strip. Cut a section of soft cotton fabric about 100 long x about 120mm wide (a sock would be ideal). Fold the width in two, so you now have two layers about 50mm wide x about 100 long. Wet the cloth with WARM water and wring it out so it is damp, but not wet.

You will also need either a wooden spoon or a piece of wood about 300 - 400mm long x 25 to 50mm wide, or anything between 20mm to 40mm thick, even a dowel or small branch about 25 to 30mm diameter would do. Because the infrared system senses both heat and movement, it’s critical to warm up the wood and cloth a little by holding the end that’s going into the trap in your hand for a minute or two (a cold section of wood or cloth may fail the test as the idea is to simulate a rodent in the trap).

a) With the switch off, remove the batteries and wait 60 seconds before placing them back in the unit.

b) Looking inside the unit from the open end you will see that the floor is in four sections (divided by three diagonal black plastic strips). The two sections furthest away from the opening will be used in the test.

c) Turn the unit on, the green light should blink on for a second or so then turn off.

d) Using the wooden spoon or section of wood push the strip of folded damp cloth lengthways into the trap so that the 50mm width goes in first. (NEVER PUT YOUR HANDS INTO THE TRAP, you may get a shock) push the end of the damp cloth in so that it is in contact with the two active plates (mentioned above) at the same time.

e) You may have to move the wood around or with the wood move the damp cloth around a little to be sure there is contact with both plates and the sensor thinks the wood moving is a rodent. At this point keep an eye out for the red light to flash and for a faint buzz to indicate the electric shock is working.

f) If the trap is working correctly, the red light will start a slow flash and you will hear a faint buzz, leave the cloth and wood in the trap and wait for the faint buzz to end (about 2 minutes). When the buzzing ends turn the switch off and wait 10 seconds then remove the wood and cloth.

g) Wait at least 10 seconds and turn the switch back on, the green light should come on for a second or so to indicate normal operation.

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