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Are the snake repellers guaranteed against all snakes?

No snake repeller or snake repellent is guaranteed 100% against snakes.

They are a deterrent only and generally work well.

There is no scientific proof for the units as it is very hard to set a natural situation to test other than reports from people who have used them – most testing or videos showing they don’t work are in artificial situations and you cannot tell from what danger the snake is moving away from.

A large number of testimonials tell us that people have found the Snake Defence unitsare very effective in reducing the incidents of snakes on their property.

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We had a massive influx of Indian Mynahs in the past few months. Our neighbours were overrun by at least 50 birds at a time! My husband fashioned this attachment and our population of Indian Mynahs and ALL our other birds have also disappeared from our back garden, trampoline and outdoor setting area!! Instant results, instant satisfaction!! Thank you so much

John, Helen and Mac

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