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Are the snake repellers guaranteed against all snakes?

No snake repeller or snake repellent is guaranteed 100% against snakes.

They are a deterrent only and generally work well.

There is no scientific proof for the units as it is very hard to set a natural situation to test other than reports from people who have used them – most testing or videos showing they don’t work are in artificial situations and you cannot tell from what danger the snake is moving away from.

A large number of testimonials tell us that people have found the Snake Defence unitsare very effective in reducing the incidents of snakes on their property.

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I love this thing, and with all the motion sensor lights around, I'm amazed they didn't think of it sooner. A motion-sensing sprinkler! Now isn’t that just the thing to keep unwanted pests out of your garden; pest of any species. (Except, perhaps, for ducks)

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