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  • Snail & Slug Copper Tape 10Mtr



    Snail & Slug Copper Tape 10Mtr

    Stop slugs & snails in their tracks with this self-adhesive copper barrier tape. Protect trees, pots, containers, tables and greenhouse etc

    The copper self adhesive tape gives a small electric charge as slugs & snails try to cross it.

    • Simple to use
    • Works all day, every day
    • No mess, safe and hygienic
    • Uses no chemicals or bait
    • Pure copper with an adhesive back
    • Use around trees, pots, greenhouse tables etc

    Tests have shown copper barrier tape is the best protection from slugs and snails. When they make contact with the copper it causes a reaction similar to an electric shock.

    Either attach the tape using the adhesive backing or a staple gun to the pot or raised wooden bed to form a barrier. Non-toxic and long-lasting, with no chance of poisoning other animals, pets or children.

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The 6 snake repellers we purchased must be doing the job as there have been no sightings so far in what seems to be an active snake year. Thank you so much!

Harry H, Tas

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