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  • Raidar Bird Repeller



    Raidar Bird Repeller

    Key features -

    Solar powered rechargeable, includes 12 volt AC adaptor.

    Passive infra-red motion detection technology.

    Covers up to 9m in ‘V’ shape zone. (110 degree arc).

    Ultrasonic sound waves, adjustable frequencies, Flashing LED lights.

    Seven different sounds, Gun shot, Siren 1, 2 & 3, Boar Squeal, Banging Sounds & Dog Barking – With volume control.

    Effective repeller for birds, dogs, cats, possums & native animals.

    Can be used outdoors in trees, gardens etc., and in large under-cover areas e.g. sheds, patios with AC adaptor.

    Modes –

    1-      Audible repellent.

    Emits and array of pre-recorded sounds mimicking the following – gun shot/ siren / boar squeal/ siren 2 / banging metal / siren 3 / barking dogs. The audible sounds will switch off once the unit detects night time and will only emit flashing strobe light.

    2-      Ultrasonic/ Infrasonic sounds.

    Emits ultrasonic sounds waves ranging from 12Hz to 35Hz. (Refer to the control panel near dial for appropriate hearing range for desired pest).

    3-      Combines modes 1& 2.

    Emits audible sounds as well as ultrasonic sounds as well as flashing strobe light.  

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I ordered this machine on Thursday and got home Friday and it was there, I have never had a delivery so fast… EVER

Gary M, Vic

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