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  • Indoor House Fly Repeller Ultrasonic Plugin 240v - Raidar



    Indoor House Fly Repeller Ultrasonic Plugin 240v - Raidar

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    Ultrasonic House Fly Repeller / Deterrent

    The Ultrasonic House Fly Repeller is very effective in keeping away common house flies, bush flies, bluebottles and most of the common flying insects found around Australian homes.
    The House Fly Repeller is for indoor use only. It will not interfere with other electronic equipment.
    The House Fly Repeller is not harmful to humans (including babies), domestic pets or plants. 

    How It Works

    The ultrasonic sound waves emitted by the unit can only be detected by flies and other small flying insects.
    The ultrasonic sound pressure emitted from the unit, though out of the range of human hearing, is enough to deter flies away from the immediate area and their search for food.
    Sound waves are not able to penetrate solid objects and walls, so place unit in an area free from obstacles.
    When in operation, keep unit one metre away from humans or where pets are likely to lay.


    Simply plug the electronic pest repeller into a power point located nearest the area you want fly free and forget about it.

    When plugged in, the unit’s red light will remain on and the green light will flicker intermittently, indicating that the ultrasonic feature is working. Flicker frequency of the green light is the same frequency as the ultrasonic sound waves emitted by the unit.

Easy to set up and it is very successful at chasing the possums out of my garden, took three nights of frequent blasts of water and for the last week they have taken the hint and are letting my plants grow, at last!


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