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  • Spider Repeller Ultrasonic Electromagnetic With Night Light - Raidar



    Spider Repeller Ultrasonic Electromagnetic With Night Light - Raidar

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    Electronic Spider Repeller

    Ever wondered how to get rid of spiders without using any chemicals or conducting major home improvement work? It can be difficult to find solutions that are both effective and safe for your family and pets. Surface sprays that last a long time can be expensive and very toxic, and even fast kill sprays rely on you being able to see and reach the spider. The good news for those who have been wondering how to get rid of spiders permanently and safely, is that there’s now a simple set-and-forget solution.

    The electronic spider repeller by Raidar emits ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, which cause extreme discomfort to pests, causing them to leave the area. Because there’s no killing, there’s nothing to clean up afterwards. The waves do not affect larger creatures, and will not interfere with other electronic equipment such as radios and microwaves. Because the waves do not penetrate walls, placing additional units in each affected room is recommended. Our low prices and flat rate shipping make this an affordable option.

    This unit comes with a one year warranty, making it a great alternative to professional extermination, which usually doesn’t come with guarantees – especially on spider repellent. 

    For more technical information on this electronic spider repeller, feel free to call or contact us online. Don’t forget to check out our other affordable spider elimination products as well.



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I’m so impressed with my mouse trap. I’ve been unhappy using conventional mouse traps & baits which haven’t always delivered a quick, humane kill, but the Victor mouse trap has been fantastic. Instant kill & easy emptying. Living in a rural area surrounded by cereal crops, mice are a constant problem in my home, but this trap is perfect – as fast as I can empty it, I have another “customer” waiting in the wings. Brilliant!

June, Tarcowie SA

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