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  • Solar Outdoor Motion Repeller - Raidar



    Solar Outdoor Motion Repeller - Raidar

    Solar Motion Activated Outdoor Animal Repeller / Deterrent

    You can use your Solar Animal Repeller to drive away any unwanted pests and pets from your garden.

    The unit emits ultrasonic waves which cannot be heard by most humans, but is unpleasant to rodents, cats, dogs, possums and small native animals causing them to leave the area.

    The unit is motion activated and only operates when the sensor is activated so once the animal has left the area they won’t be affected.

    The Solar powered outdoor animal repeller unit has two external controls that can be adjusted manually to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the unit and change output frequency so that any likely pests do not get used to the sound.

    The unit operates in the following modes
    - 1: 13.5kHz-17.5kHz Repels animals such as mice, small rodents...
    - 2: 15.5kHz-19.5kHz Repels animals such as large dogs...
    - 3: 19.5kHz-23.5kHz Repels animals such as small dogs, cats...
    - 4: Strong flashing
    - 5: All function working, sweep frequency from mode 1 -- mode 2 -- mode 3, and turn on strong flashing

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We had a massive influx of Indian Mynahs in the past few months. Our neighbours were overrun by at least 50 birds at a time! My husband fashioned this attachment and our population of Indian Mynahs and ALL our other birds have also disappeared from our back garden, trampoline and outdoor setting area!! Instant results, instant satisfaction!! Thank you so much

John, Helen and Mac

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