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Ditrac (Tomcat ll) Red Blox 1.8Kg Instructions

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How it works

DITRAC All Weather BLOX Rodenticide contains the powerful active ingredient, Brodifacoum, the strongest, single-feeding anticoagulant on the market today.  DITRAC is effective in controlling both rats and mice but works especially well to clean out persistent mouse infestations.

DITRAC, with its distinctive cog-like shape, is made with more than 16 human food-grade, inert ingredients for a flavour rats and mice can't resist. This highly weatherable block bait easily fits in tight baiting places.  A hole in the centre of the 20g BLOX allows you to place it on bait securing rods in Bell's tamper-resistant bait stations or nail or wire it in place.

With DITRAC you'll get unsurpassed rodent acceptance and control.  The multiple edges appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw.  The BLOX work well in any condition – wet or dry, indoors or out.

Product material safety data sheet (MSDS)

Ditrac (Tomcat ll) bait blox product safety data sheet Ditrac (Tomcat ll) bait blox product safety data sheet (22 KB)

We had a massive influx of Indian Mynahs in the past few months. Our neighbours were overrun by at least 50 birds at a time! My husband fashioned this attachment and our population of Indian Mynahs and ALL our other birds have also disappeared from our back garden, trampoline and outdoor setting area!! Instant results, instant satisfaction!! Thank you so much

John, Helen and Mac

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