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Protecta Mouse Round Bait Station Keyless x6 Instructions

How it works

The PROTECTA Keyless Mouse Bait Station provides tamper-resistance without a key, making baiting fast and easy.  The station locks with a quick twist of the lid and unlocks with a coordinated squeeze and twist.

The unique circular design incorporates three separate entry points for mice.  Each has its own feeding station via a baffle system which allows several mice to feed at the same time.

The PROTECTA Keyless can be used along walls, in corners, or virtually anywhere you need to bait.  The station holds up to two BLOX, allowing ample bait in areas of high mouse populations.  The BLOX fit on built-in securing pegs in the station.

I love this thing, and with all the motion sensor lights around, I'm amazed they didn't think of it sooner. A motion-sensing sprinkler! Now isn’t that just the thing to keep unwanted pests out of your garden; pest of any species. (Except, perhaps, for ducks)

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