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Protecta Sidekick Bait Station Instructions

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How it works

PROTECTA Sidekick is an economical way to upgrade from using non-tamper-resistant bait stations to the security and high quality of tamper-resistance.  It locks when closed and unlocks with Bell's two-prong PROTECTA key.

Constructed from impact-resistant, injection-moulded plastic, the Sidekick holds up well in temperature extremes.

In the field, it works as both a bait station and a monitoring station.  Vertical bait securing rods hold Bell's BLOX securely in the station.  As a monitoring station, it holds a T-Rex Rat Snap Trap which captures rats as they enter the station.

Easy-to-use Sidekick opens to the side for fast, convenient servicing, even when the station is secured.  Its interior corners are rounded for easy cleaning, and a built-in card slot holds a PROTECTA service card.

The Sidekick measures 241mm x 222mm with a height of 114mm, ideal for fitting into tight baiting locations.  Yet the Sidekick can hold almost 1kg of bait.

We love the spider catcher we bought from you so much. It has been perfect for relocating huntsmen from our house

Melanie W

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