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Scarecrow Sprinkler Instructions

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How it works

Using the ScareCrow is easy. Simply attach a standard garden hose to its base, set the ScareCrow in the ground in the area you want to protect, and then turn on the water. Once you switch the unit on, it is ready to go. The ScareCrow has both sensitivity control on a scale of 1 - 9, and adjustable spray angle/distance. After the 3 second spray the ScareCrow automatically resets in 8 seconds.

The ScareCrow uses a combination of sudden noise, unexpected movement, and a startling blast of water to create a memorable and unpleasant experience for the trespasser. The animal immediately associates this unpleasant experience with the location, and to avoid similar surprises, learns to avoid the area. If an animal chooses to return, the ScareCrow will be waiting.

While a human may flee several steps after activating a ScareCrow, animals are typically affected to a much greater degree. In most cases they run much farther, and stay away longer. Because the unit only triggers when the animal moves, its behavior is difficult for animals to anticipate, making it a very effective deterrent.

Supplied with an extensive instruction manual.

Safe, Humane Deterrent Helps Protect Your Garden

A huge amount of time and energy goes into keeping your yard and garden looking great, so it's only natural that you want to protect them from damage caused by local dogs and cats. But there are lots of reasons to avoid chemical deterrents, traps, and hazardous electric fences.

Whether you're a dedicated organic vegetable gardener or a parent looking out for the health of children and pets that play in your yard, you'll appreciate the simple, innovative, and effective water-based concept behind the Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler. It's also a great choice for neighbourhoods where fences are prohibited and for people who consider wire fences and other visual barriers unappealing.

When the Scarecrow detects an animal it instantly releases a short but startling burst of water. The sudden spray of water and the movement and noise of the sprinkler scares animals away. Animals associate this negative experience with the area and avoid your yard in the future.

Versatile and Broad-Reaching for Maximum Effectiveness

The Scarecrow is versatile enough to prevent dogs from digging up newly seeded lawns, to keep the cats from using your garden as a litter box. The Scarecrow’s motion detector is powerful enough to guard an area up to 85 square metres of coverage with a single sprinkler. For added coverage, Scarecrow sprinklers can be linked in series to guard larger spaces.

Efficient Design and Easy to Set Up

Setting the Scarecrow up is fast and easy, and doesn't require any special tools. Simply install a standard 9-volt battery, connect the sprinkler to your hose, push the 40cm stake into ground to secure the unit, and set the adjustable sprinkler arc to cover the area you want protected.

Scarecrow Sprinkler Instruction Manual

Scarecrow sprinkler instruction manual Scarecrow sprinkler instruction manual (2361 KB)

I can’t recommend the use of these hawk bird scarers highly enough

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