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Shock Mat - Large Drive Away 2048 Instructions

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How it works

Simply place the Shock Mat in the area you would like your pet to avoid.  When your pet steps on the shock mat, he/she receives a mild static shock and will quickly learn to stay away from that area.  With 3 settings (static & tone, static only, tone only) you can decide how you’d like to train your pet.

Quick start guide

  1. Insert the 9 volt battery

  2. Press the yellow action button to turn the unit on.  You should hear 4 beeps and the tone light will flash green every 5 seconds or so.  The Shock Mat is now armed to make a sound (tone) when activated.

  3. Press the button again and you will hear one tone.  The static (zap) light and the tone light should now both flash green every 5 seconds or so. The Shock Mat is now armed for both sound (tone) and static (zap) when activated.

  4. Press the button again and the static (zap) light should flash green about every 5 seconds or so. The Shock Mat is now armed for static (zap) only when activated.

  5. To turn the unit off, hold down the yellow action button until the low bat light flashes red about 4 times and stops, then release the yellow button.

  6. The Low Battery light will flash red when the battery needs to be replaced. 

This product works in the same way as the Petsafe Scat mat.

I don’t often write to companies with feedback like this, but I’m compelled to do it in this case because I am so, so happy with the products we’ve bought from you.

Melanie W

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