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Snail & Slug Copper Tape 10Mtr Instructions

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How it works

When a slug or snail attempts to cross the strip, a tiny electrical charge is created naturally from within the copper face.  This charge repels the pests without killing them – making it a friendly and safe option.


  1. Remove the protective paper and apply the tape directly to a clean, dry surface.

  2. Stick the tape in a complete circle around the pot.

  3. Nail or tack the tape onto the garden bed you want to protect.

  4. Trim any branches hanging over the protected area or they will act as bridges for the pests to climb across.

  5. As with any copper material, this tape will change to a verdigris colour, creating a more natural look.  This will not affect the performance of the product.

  6. For snail control, additional protection can be added by cutting ½cm grooves in the tape before application.

I have used Hawk Bird Scarers since 1995 and I will need more this year

Neil, Menge Estates Vineyard, Tanunda, SA.

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