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Victor Multikill Electronic Mouse Trap Instructions

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How it works

The trap has two points of entry and to reach the bait the mouse must walk along three electrically charged plates.  These then deliver a series of electric shocks which quickly and humanely kill the mouse.  After the mouse expires, the Shock N’ Drop Chamber automatically rotates and deposits the mouse in the collection drawer, keeping it hidden from sight. The trap then automatically resets to capture the next mouse.  The collection drawer holds up to 10 mice before it has to be emptied.

Setting the trap

  1. Make sure the trap is turned off

  2. Open the kill chamber door located on top of the mouse trap.

  3. Place a small amount of bait (the size of a pea) against the back wall of the chamber.  We suggest using gloves or a tool to bait so your scent is not transferred onto the trap.  Do not place the bait or any other material directly on the metal plates as this will falsely trip the system.

  4. Open the battery compartment lid.  Take out the 4 C-cell batteries and remove the plastic from the batteries. Correctly re-insert the batteries and close the battery compartment lid.

  5. Identify a location with mouse activity.  Place the trap with its stairs facing the wall in an area where activity has been seen.

  6. Press the power switch to the ‘ON’ position.  The green light will flash once to indicate the trap is working.

Can it be used outdoors?

The Multi-Kill™ is recommended for indoor use only. This trap was designed and manufactured to be used indoors and not exposed to the elements.  If this trap is used outside, the unit could potentially short out due to weather conditions, such as rain.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries included with the Multi-Kill™ mouse trap will provide approximately one year of stand-by power.  

If you are not having success

Mice will eat almost anything including cardboard, so food in the trap should work perfectly.  However, if you have another food source that is more attractive or easier to get to, the mice may not be attracted to the trap.  Identify the food source and take that source away.  Then place some of that food in the trap in same location (if possible) so when the mice next visit the food will there, but now in the trap.

I am very happy with the Raticator I have been catching mice and rats daily since I received it

Sam F

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