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Zaparat With Adapter 6V Instructions

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How the trap works

The rodent is lured into the electronic trap by the bait and stands on two metal base plates.  This closes the electrical circuit and the trap delivers a series of deadly but humane electric shocks.

Setting the trap

  1. Plug the adapter into a power point or, if the trap is being set where there is not a power source available, open the battery compartment and properly insert 4 C-cell batteries (not included).

  2. Place some bait at the back of the Zaparat.  Be sure the unit is turned off before installing the bait.  We recommend crunchy peanut butter as the most effective bait but you can also mix in some bird seed.  Nuts, Chocolate, sunflower seeds, corn on the cob, Dynamic lifter, blood & bone, apple or cake also work, or use what you know it likes.  However, it is critical that moist bait is not placed on the floor due to the mess it can make.  The answer is to place moist bait in a small plastic bottle cap (not a jar cap).  

  3. Identify the location with rat or mice activity then place the trap in this area.

  4. Turn the switch to ‘On’.  The green light will flash once.  The trap is now set.

  5. The green light will flash to indicate a kill.

  6. The red light will blink when the batteries need replacing.

Many thanks for a superfast delivery & no-fuss transaction.
I’m so impressed with my mouse trap. I’ve been unhappy using conventional mouse traps & baits which haven’t always delivered a quick, humane kill, but the Victor mouse trap has been fantastic. Instant kill & easy emptying. Living in a rural area surrounded by cereal crops, mice are a constant problem in my home, but this trap is perfect – as fast as I can empty it, I have another “customer” waiting in the wings. Brilliant!

June, Tarcowie SA

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