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Mouse Trap Protecta Multicatch Mouse Control

Do you have mice in your house or office? Are you having mouse problems? Find out how to trap a mouse at Derwent Traders. We have a range of simple and effective pest control devices.

The Protecta Multicatch mouse trap can catch up to 10 mice per setting. They have no springs so they are safe for using around children and pets.

Can be used for live catch or trap and bait and there is no need to touch the mouse! This mousetrap product is easy to clean and safe to submerse in water. And it can be reused again and again!

Find out more about the Protecta Multicatch mouse trap | Shop Online for Mousetraps

The Snake repellers are working very well, had a snake wander through over the weekend and it turned around way before it even got near the device. So I'd like to order another two!

Gaye H, Hope Valley, WA

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