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Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

Don't know how to catch a mouse that's invading your home? Check out our humane kill mouse trap!

Easy to use and safe around children and pets. This fantastic electronic mouse trap can catch up to 10 mice. It's designed to trap humanely, then deliver a series of high-voltage charges to the mouse and there is no need to touch the mouse to dispose of them. How great is that?!

How it works

The trap has two points of entry and to reach the bait the mouse must walk along three electrically charged plates.  These then deliver a series of electric shocks which quickly and humanely kill the mouse.  After the mouse expires, the Shock N’ Drop Chamber automatically rotates and deposits the mouse in the collection drawer, keeping it hidden from sight. The trap then automatically resets to capture the next mouse.  The collection drawer holds up to 10 mice before it has to be emptied.

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I love this thing, and with all the motion sensor lights around, I'm amazed they didn't think of it sooner. A motion-sensing sprinkler! Now isn’t that just the thing to keep unwanted pests out of your garden; pest of any species. (Except, perhaps, for ducks)

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