The Raidar Electromagnetic Cockroach Repeller is very effective in keeping away Cockroaches, Spiders and most common insects found around Australian houses. Being electromagnetic it can cover a wide area including inside walls.

How It Works

The electromagnetic vibrations emitted by the unit can only be felt by cockroaches, other bugs and small insects.
Most cockroaches hide in dark, secluded areas during the day. They are most active at night, during which time they look for food and mate.
Cockroaches are capable of flattening themselves so they can fit into crevices between floorboards and walls. They can often be found in groups behind furniture and appliances, as well as under refrigerators, stoves and in cupboards.
The unit will send electromagnetic vibrations through the walls and floor to where they hide.

For Best Results

Simply plug the electronic pest repeller into a power point located nearest the floor as possible and forget about it.

Cockroach activity will start to decrease over the next 5-7 days of consistent use.