The Multi Alert Animal Repeller is very effective in keeping away small native animals along with Cats, Dogs, Rodents and Possums by emitting soundwaves that irritate the auditory and nervous systems. This unit can be used either indoor or outdoors and will not interfere with other electronic devices.

Motion Sensor Ultrasonic And Strobe Light Repeller

You can use your Multi-Alert Animal Repeller to drive away most unwanted pests from inside your house, garage or shed.

An inbuilt infra-red motion detection system covers approx 70m2 @110deg.

Once triggered the unit emits ultrasonic waves that cannot be heard by most humans, but is extremely irritating to small native animals such as possums, rodents, cats and dogs, causing them to leave the protected area.The motion activated “Flashing Strobe Lights” feature works as an effective deterrent during the night as it frightens away any annoying nocturnal animal activity.

The Multi-Alert repeller provides you with 5 different settings to ensure the best results. (See listed below).

MODE 1: Ultrasonic / Alarm / Flashing LED
MODE 2: Bright Flashing LED Light
MODE 3: Ultrasonic / Alarm / Bright Flashing LED Light
MODE 4: Bright Flashing LED Light (30 sec. duration)
MODE 5: Ultrasonic (long duration) / Passive Infrared Light

The unit is powered by a 9V AC Adaptor (included). If using outdoors 2 x 9V batteries (not included).

Unit operation
1. Place 2 x 9 Volt batteries into back of unit or plug unit into power socket using a 9V AC Adaptor, the unit's 8 LED white lights will blink briefly to indicate that the unit is ready for use.
2. Press Button A for approx. 2 seconds and the Yellow LED will glow, indicating unit is in MODE 1. Press Button A again and Green LED will now glow indicating the unit is now in MODE 2. Press Button A again and the Red LED will now glow indicating the unit is now in MODE 3. Continue to press Button A to select MODE 5 indicated by the Red
flashing LED and press Button A again to select MODE 4 which is indicated by the Green flashing LED.
3. The conversion time of each of the 5 modes is 10 seconds from pressing Button A until alert mode. Modes 1-4 all work using passive infrared, working cycle is approx. 30 seconds.
4. Press Button A for a few seconds to turn unit off.

For best results

If there is more than one entry point to the area, whether it's inside or outside, we suggest placement of additional Multifunction Pest Repeller units. For best results inside, DO NOT place the unit directly behind furniture, draperies or any other soft furnishings, as they will absorb the ultrasonic sound waves. 

For best results outside, place unit(s) where there is a natural or man-made narrowing of entry to the area you wish to protect. Choose a suitable terrain that does not easily flood and cause water to damage the batteries or AC Adaptor interface located at the base of the unit. An optional hanger hole is located on back of unit. To attach Stakes, slide Stake Holder into position.