Kill mice in your home. Easy to set. Easy to clean. Baiting is a breeze and safe

Mouse Snap Trap

  • Easy to set
  • Easy to clean
  • Baiting is a breeze and safe
  • Bait cup use again and again
  • Made of durable polystyrene
  • Resists stains and odours
  • Preformed holes allow for surface mounting if required
  • Value for money
  • Dimensions: length 10cm x width 5cm x height 6cm

I am very happy with the Raticator I have been catching mice and rats daily since I received it

Sam F

I set up the machine in the garage, 30 minutes later my first mouse, another 30 minutes my 2nd. I am sending the cat packing this thing is great.

Gary M, Vic

The Raticator is worth EVERY cent and more!! I am so pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone!. Thanks so much!

Melanie W

Many thanks for a superfast delivery &amp; no-fuss transaction. <br>I’m so impressed with my mouse trap. I’ve been unhappy using conventional mouse traps &amp; baits which haven’t always delivered a quick, humane kill, but the Victor mouse trap has been fantastic. Instant kill &amp; easy emptying. Living in a rural area surrounded by cereal crops, mice are a constant problem in my home, but this trap is perfect – as fast as I can empty it, I have another “customer” waiting in the wings. Brilliant!<br> <br>

June, Tarcowie SA