Extra strength mouse snap trap. With its ferocious grip the Mini Rex snap trap gives superior trapping power to catch Mice

Extra strength mouse snap trap

With its ferocious grip the Mini Rex snap trap gives superior trapping power

  • Easy to set by foot or hand
  • Easy to clean
  • Reset for repeated use
  • Baiting is safe and easy
  • Bait cup
  • Dimensions length 10cm x width 4.5cm x height 5.5cm

Unlike standard traps, the Mini Rex snap trap mouse trap can be set by foot and baited before setting; this guarantees your fingers will not be caught during setting.

  1. Before setting, remove the bait cup from under the trap

  2. To bait insert either peanut butter or a dab of rodent attractant (available from Derwent Traders) into the cup

  3. Re-insert the cup into the trap

  4. Place the trap/s in the area where the rodents are active

  5. The trap is best placed against a skirting board at a 90 degree angle so the rodent comes face to face with it

  6. Simply step on the trap to arm the spring loaded jaws

  7. Use your foot or hand to open the jaws of the trap to release the catch.

We recommend crunchy peanut butter as the most effective bait but you can also mix in some bird seed. Nuts, Chocolate, sunflower seeds, corn on the cob, Dynamic lifter, blood & bone, apple or cake also work, or use what you know it likes. Interestingly cheese may work but is not as effective.

I am very happy with the Raticator I have been catching mice and rats daily since I received it

Sam F

I set up the machine in the garage, 30 minutes later my first mouse, another 30 minutes my 2nd. I am sending the cat packing this thing is great.

Gary M, Vic

The Raticator is worth EVERY cent and more!! I am so pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone!. Thanks so much!

Melanie W

Many thanks for a superfast delivery &amp; no-fuss transaction. <br>I’m so impressed with my mouse trap. I’ve been unhappy using conventional mouse traps &amp; baits which haven’t always delivered a quick, humane kill, but the Victor mouse trap has been fantastic. Instant kill &amp; easy emptying. Living in a rural area surrounded by cereal crops, mice are a constant problem in my home, but this trap is perfect – as fast as I can empty it, I have another “customer” waiting in the wings. Brilliant!<br> <br>

June, Tarcowie SA