Raticator Max Infrared Rat Zapper. Infrared detecting system senses the rodent then delivers a series of deadly but humane electric shocks. Battery operated and easy to use. Suitable for catching both rats and mice.

Infrared detecting system

  • Senses the rodent then delivers a series of deadly but humane electric shocks
  • Battery operated and easy to use
  • Kills the rodent inside the unit so it doesn’t have a chance to crawl into the roof or walls to die
  • No need to touch the rodent to dispose of it
  • Suitable for both rats and mice
  • Uses x4 Alkaline D Cell batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: length 29.5cm x width 10cm x height: 12.5cm

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How the trap works

The rodent is lured into the electronic trap by the bait and stands on the metal base plate. The infrared sensor detects the presence of the rodent and delivers a series of deadly but humane electric shocks.

Setting the trap

As a first step please read the warning instructions on the top of the battery cover. Please also read the €˜How to use€™ and €˜Indicator light details€™ on the inside of the battery cover.

With the on/off switch in the off position, open the battery cover by pulling back the securing tab and lift the battery compartment door. Insert 4 D cell alkaline batteries. Never insert the batteries while the power switch is in the ON position, if you have done so in error, turn off the switch, remove the batteries and wait for at least 30 seconds before correctly installing the batteries.

We suggest you wear gloves when setting the trap to avoid transferring human odours onto the trap, also give the trap a wipe over with a damp cloth, avoiding strong detergent as this may deter rodents.

Turn the on/off switch to on. After a second or so, the green light should flash once for about 1 to 2 seconds and then turn straight off. If the green light does not turn on at all or if there is a rapid flashing red light, replace the batteries, being sure you have installed quality alkaline batteries.

Turn the trap off and insert the bait at the back of the trap on the last plate (at the opposite end to the opening).

The trap should be positioned where the rodents are known to be active, or where droppings and smells have been found. Rodents tend to run along skirting boards so place the trap close to a wall where you think they travel.

Turn the unit on. The green light should blink and turn off.

You have a catch when the red light starts flashing slowly. Be sure to check the trap at least every morning, more often if you have a heavy problem. It could be that after dusk and before you go to bed you may also have a catch or two. If a dead rodent is left in the trap for more than 12 hours the effort to clean the trap will be considerable and may lead to false trips.


At a minimum use a good quality recognised brand of alkaline batteries such as the Energiser brand. Standard carbon batteries and rechargeable batteries are not suitable €“ they don€™t have the power to supply the number of kills, or days of standby power.

Take great care to install the batteries so that the + end is at the opposite end to the spring. Batteries that are installed back to front may damage the unit.


The manufacturer recommends dry dog food, however, many other baits work well. We recommend crunchy peanut butter as the most effective bait but you can also mix in some bird seed. Nuts, Chocolate, sunflower seeds, corn on the cob, Dynamic lifter, blood & bone, apple or cake also work, or use what you know it likes. However, it is critical that moist bait is not placed on the floor due to the mess it can make. The answer is to place moist bait in a small plastic bottle cap (not a jar cap). Be sure the unit is turned off before installing the bait.

Outdoor use

The raticator is not designed for outdoor use. If you choose to use the trap outdoors it is critical that the trap is covered for protection from the elements such as enclosing the unit in a plastic container with a lid, cutting a hole close to the ground so the rodent can enter. Alternately cut a hole in an upturned bucket or tub and sit the trap on something to lift it up off the ground.
Performance of your Raticator will depend on the

  1. quality of the batteries
  2. time the unit is turned on
  3. number of kills
  4. cleanliness of the unit floor (refer to the cleaning instructions).

Cleaning the trap

Cleaning instructions for the Raticator Infrared Max and Raticator Plus rat zapper

Cleaning instructions for the Raticator Infrared Max and Raticator Plus rat zapper (263 KB)


Following are some approaches we would suggest you try if you find the Raticator is not working as you expected or if you are failing to attract or kill rodents.

Bait is gone and the red light is flashing

  1. Check that the batteries are the correct quality, are working (the voltage could be low)
  2. Test the unit, see below
  3. Clean the metal kill plate
  4. You could have a fast Mouse €“ put bait at the rear of the trap as normal plus 2 pieces in the middle of the trap. Turn the trap at a 90 degree angle to the wall with the opening facing wall so the mouse must slow down and turn to go inside and out.

Bait is gone and NO red light

  1. Check that the batteries are the correct quality, are working, and inserted correctly, with all contacts touching
  2. Test the unit - see below.

Red & Green lights are flashing alternately

  1. Test the unit (see below)
  2. Re-clean with a good 2 hour soak, clean, rinse and allow to air dry for a least a full day.

Not having success getting the rodent into the trap

Rats and mice will eat almost anything including cardboard, so food in the trap should work perfectly. However, if you have another food source that is more attractive or easier to get to, the rodents may not be attracted to the trap. Identify the food source and take that source away. Then place some of that food in the trap in same location (if possible) so when the rodents next visit the food will there, but now in the trap.

Testing the trap

Testing instructions for the Raticator Infrared Max rat zapper

Testing instructions for the Raticator Infrared Max rat zapper (327 KB)

I am very happy with the Raticator I have been catching mice and rats daily since I received it

Sam F

I set up the machine in the garage, 30 minutes later my first mouse, another 30 minutes my 2nd. I am sending the cat packing this thing is great.

Gary M, Vic

The Raticator is worth EVERY cent and more!! I am so pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone!. Thanks so much!

Melanie W