Raidar Snake repeller - Snake Defence MP Plus Solar

The Multi Pulse snake repeller MP Plus with improved features.

One unit covers approx 700sqm (30m diameter) - Day and Night. Portable - Ideal for picnics, camping or taking to the holiday house!

100% Safe to use around children, pets, birds or livestock.

Snakes hunt for food, water and shelter - but by nature, they will avoid any kind of confrontation and remove themselves from an area where they feel they are threatened. The Raidar Snake repellers have been designed emit earth borne vibrations and audible beeping to imitate a larger predator in the area to keep snakes away!

Of the two pulses emitted (a vibration and a noise), the earth borne vibration is the most important. Although the sound is detected by the snake, it also signals to the owner that the unit is cycling through its vibration patterns correctly .

Changing vibration patterns of the MP Plus model

About every 50 seconds the Raidar Snake Defence MP Plus emits a variety of vibrations and sound that change every 2 days. Starting with a single 3 second pulse for 2 days, followed by 3 pulses for 2 days, then 5 pulses for 2 days it reverts back to one pulse to start the rotation all over again. The idea behind the changing pulses is to vary the pattern so snakes do not become accustomed to the pulse.


The snake repeller covers a radius of up to 15 metres (30m Diameter) or about 700 sq metres in all directions. We suggest an overlap of 5 metres, so the units should be positioned about 25m apart.

Breakthrough design, available exclusively from Raidar

  • The Raidar Snake Defence pulse (vibration and sound) changes every second day
  • 100% safe to use around children, pets, birds and livestock
  • One snake repeller unit covers approx 700sqm (maximum 30m diameter) - day and night
  • Portable - take it camping, on picnics, to the holiday house etc
  • Long lasting 800mah 1.2V rechargeable battery (replaceable) charged by the solar panel
  • Dimensions: height: 330mm, head diameter: 160mm, ground probe diameter: 27mm

Product Features

  • External on/off switch
  • External access to the battery compartment
  • 50 second vibration spacing
  • Optional 5V mains power charging adaptor