The Solar Animal Repeller is designed to deter any unwanted pests and keep pets away from your garden.

The unit emits ultrasonic waves which cannot be heard by most humans, but is unpleasant to rodents, cats, dogs and small native animals deterring them from entering the area. The unit also strobe lights that will flash when something is in front of the sensor.

Solar Motion Activated Outdoor Animal Repeller / Deterrent

The unit is motion activated and only operates when the sensor is activated so once the animal has left the area they won’t be affected.

The Solar powered outdoor animal repeller unit has two external controls that can be adjusted manually to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the unit and change output frequency so that any likely pests do not get used to the sound.

The unit operates in the following modes
- 1: 13.5kHz-17.5kHz Repels animals such as mice, small rodents...
- 2: 15.5kHz-19.5kHz Repels animals such as large dogs...
- 3: 19.5kHz-23.5kHz Repels animals such as small dogs, cats...
- 4: Strong flashing
- 5: All function working, sweep frequency from mode 1 -- mode 2 -- mode 3, and turn on strong flashing

To get the best performance from the unit

To best utilise the linear characteristics of ultrasonic soundwaves from the unit, place front of unit in the direction of animals that are coming into the area.

Please choose a location where the solar panel on top of the unit can receive the most sunlight throughout the day. Avoid areas with obstacles or overhanging eaves that may block sunlight for long periods during the day.

To ensure high efficiency of photoelectric conversion, please wipe dust and dirt away from solar panel using a soft lint free cloth.

Location: Choose a suitable terrain that does not easily flood and cause water to damage the USB interface located at the base of the unit. Optional hanger hole located on back of unit.

Unit operation
Easy to install, the unit can be manually adjusted through the ultrasonic range of 13 500 to 23 500 Hz, to best suit the size of animal you wish to deter from the area and allow for frequent visitors from developing an immunity to a pre-selected single frequency rate.
For best results, place unit(s) where there is a natural or man-made narrowing of entry to the area you wish to protect. If there is more than one entry point to the area,
we suggest placement of additional Solar Animal Repeller units. 

Leave the Solar Animal Repeller unit plugged in all year round, for operation 24 hours per day and night to ensure the area remains animal free. Due to the very low wattage of the unit, electricity costs are minimal.