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Rat Bait Stations

Having a rat on the loose can be frightening, but there are ways to catch it. You can catch a rat in a way that will kill it instantly, trap it so it can be released later or poison it.

One way to get rid of rats from your home is to use rat bait stations. Using these devices, the rat is lured into the station by the smell of the bait. The most effective baits we've found are the Contrac, Ditrac and Tomcat baits. These baits come in a range of sizes and can be stored away for future use.

Use these baits with our rat traps and rodent bait stations and eradicate rats quickly and easily.

The rat bait stations are safe to submerse in water for easy cleaning and can be used indoors or outdoors.  They fit into corners and along walls and keep bait away from children and pets.

Each of our rat trap products works in a different way to get rid of rats. Some kill rats humanely, others are live catch traps so you can release them later. Find out how to eradicate rats by checking out our range of rat bait stations, rat zappers and rat trap products.

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