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Raticator 'Infrared Max' Rat Zapper

Got a rat problem? Rats in the roof?

Even in properties that are well sealed up, without food or other substances to attract them, rats can get in and establish themselves. Rats also love running along fence posts, up fruit trees to nibble at your carefully grown crops, and around compost bins. They may make their nests in roof cavities or behind walls, coming out to eat at night. Rats are also relatively intelligent, which means they can often evade cats and dogs that try to catch them. Their urine and droppings can cause serious cleanliness and health problems. They often destroy backyard food crops. In rare circumstances they can even bite small children and pets. With a rat zapper, you don’t need to stress about these dangers any more.

How to catch rats

Just like people, rodents can have different tastes and preferences. We’ve found that ordinary dry pet food is an effective lure for rodents. If you or your domestic critters like something, most likely your rodents will too.

The Raticator Infrared Max rat zapper (formerly known as the Ratzapper Ultra) kills rats instantly; just the best rat zapper on the market. It’s the clean, quick and humane way to eliminate rats and mice. Use the Raticator rat zapper at home or your business. You can even use it as a backup method for catching rats that manage to sneak around repellents and barriers.

Quickly and easily remove your home from unwanted rats and mice.

Select from our range of quality rat traps, Raticators and rat zappers. Now also including the award winning Nooski rat and mouse traps.


Shipped Australia wide. Kills rats instantly,  the best rat zapper on the market

Hi I would just like to thank you for the high quality snake repellents.We had a brown snake caught between glass sliding door & gauze door.We have daushies & 2 large dogs & so far we have not seen a snake anywhere near house.My daughter who referred you is also very impressed with your products.

Marilyn, Tamworth

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