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Raticator 'Infrared Max' Rat Zapper

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Raticator- Infrared Max (formerly the Ratzapper Ultra). The all new model Rat Zapper for Australia that kills rats instantly.

Clean, quick and humane way to eliminate rats and mice.

This rat zapper kills rats and mice instantly - just the best rat killer on the market.

The Raticator senses when the rodent is in the trap then delivers a series of deadly but humane electric shocks that kill the animal quickly.

Easy disposal of the dead rat

The rat or mouse is killed inside the raticator so it can't escape and die behind cupboards or walls. Best of all you don't have to touch the rat to dispose of it, simple hold the raticator over a bin and tip out the dead rat.

Uses x4 Alkaline D Cell batteries (not included). The trap is easy to use and suitable for both rats and mice.

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I purchased two ScareCrows last month. The wallabies that have been driving me crazy have not returned in weeks - what a wonderful product.

James G Devonport Tasmania

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