Rodents aren’t just creepy and scary, they can cause real damage to your property, as well as health issues. Both rats and mice have the jaw strength to chew through fabrics, wall coverings, plastic covered cables and other materials. Their droppings harbour bacteria which can cause serious respiratory damage if particles are inhaled. Although some rodents are relatively clean, some carry fleas which can be transferred to family pets. The good news is, if you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of mice and rats without adopting a ton of cats, there is a solution. Keep your home and family safe from rodents with our outstanding range of rat zappers and bait stations. Whether you are after electronic rat traps or are looking for an all-weather poison that kills after just one feed, you can find just what you are searching for amongst our extensive collection of rodent control products. Not sure how to get rid of mice and rats in your backyard or interiors? Take a look at the individual product descriptions to see the application, and feel free to call us if you have any outstanding questions. If you prefer not to kill the animal, we also stock live catch rat traps that can capture both rats and mice. With our help you can effectively keep rodents at bay without having to hire an expensive exterminator. Derwent Traders supplies customers all over Australia with affordable high quality rat and mouse traps and baits.