For those who are concerned about the safety of their family, pets and/or stock, but don’t want to cause unnecessary suffering, snake repellers are an excellent solution. With coverage areas suitable for the average back yard, they’re both affordable and efficient. We also offer special discounts for the purchase of multiple units, so you can cover a larger area if need be. These carefully designed units emit a noise and an earth-borne vibration that tricks the snake into thinking danger is coming from that direction. The MP Plus model even changes vibration patterns so that the snakes do not become accustomed to the pulse. The good news is, these snake repellers aren’t harmful or uncomfortable for your pets, so you can leave them on all the time. Looking for a flexible and easy to place unit? You’ll find it amongst the range below. We’ve got solar powered units which, on shadier days, can be recharged with a 5 volt AC adaptor charger. Batteries are also available, as well as handy extra replacement parts including individual stakes, so you save even more in the long run. With our snake repellers, there’s no need for special tools, mounting brackets or extra parts – anyone can install them. Not sure what product would best suit your needs? We’re happy to answer any outstanding questions you may have after reading the individual product descriptions. Give us a call on (03) 6272 3270 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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