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Repels snakes using the Solar powered Snake Defence Multi Pulse

Before you order elsewhere

Check that you will receive at least the following, don't be fooled by cheap no name brand repellers

  1. Is a  money back guarantee offered to show confidence, like we do for our “Snake Defence” repellers.

  2. Be sure you are getting the latest technology with the Multi Pulse design that changes the output pulse 3 times per week

  3. We feel the on/off switch installed on our "Snake Defence" repellers are essential for a number of reasons Click here for details  .

  4. The rechargeable battery used in solar Snake Repellers must be replaced when performance drops; this is normally between 12 & 15 months. Most of the less expensive Snake Repellers have the battery fitted in such a way that the repeller may have be thrown away when the battery comes up for replacement or employ the services of an electrician to make the change.

  5. Our repellers have a battery that is replaceable in seconds without the need to take the repeller apart. Our repeller has a unique external door to house the battery

  6. For the repeller to run constantly and give 24/7 coverage the solar panel and battery must have enough power to get the job done even when there have been dull days.  We use a 4.5 volt 45ma solar panel and a 800mAH rechargeable battery. Anything less than the above may struggle to perform 24/7 particularly on dull days.

For long life the plastic parts in the head must be UV stabilized.

Beware ground stakes made of plastic not aluminum as do not project the vibration as far.
Please give us a call if you have any questions about our top quality Snake Repellers  03 6272 3270

The Snake repellers are working very well, had a snake wander through over the weekend and it turned around way before it even got near the device. So I'd like to order another two!

Gaye H, Hope Valley, WA

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