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Solar Snake Repeller

Each unit covers up to to 15 metres radius (30m Diameter) in all directions or about 700 sq meters . We suggest an overlap of 5m, so each unit should be positioned about 25m apart. The vibration to a snake will be unsettling, and create a feeling of uncertainty; an area to be avoided.

Additional features of the "MP Plus" Snake Repeller

The MP Plus solar snake repeller has 5 distinct improvements over older versions.

Battery compartment

Rather than having the battery stored inside the ground probe hanging from its wires, the 'MP Plus' model has a vastly improved battery compartment with a waterproof "O" ring within the head of the repeller. This provides better protection for the battery and a longer life for the repeller. The battery is easy to change and can be changed in seconds.

On / Off switch

The rubber covered On / Off switch allows for easy coordination of the starting time of each repeller. This switch also allows the unit to be turned off easily for recharging. On earlier versions the unit needed the wires inside the ground stake to be joined by hand and the snake repeller reassembled. Now its just a simple switch.

Reduced space between pulses

The spacing between the vibration and tone pulses has been reduced to 50 seconds for added protection. Other snake repellers on the market have longer space between pulses making them less effective than the MP Plus Snake Repeller.

Optional Mains power adaptor

You can also purchase the optional charging adaptor that connects to mains power. For fast battery charging simply plug into the matching inlet on the base of the green plastic head (saves leaving the head in the sun for a day or two).


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