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Easy Removal of Spiders using the award winning Spider Catcher

Designed to remove any size Australian spiders (huntsman are not a problem) and other insects, cleanly, quickly and without harming them, whilst keeping you at a safe distance

The Spider catcher is the world's simplest and most innovative way to catch spiders and other insects safely without hurting the spider or having to touch it.

If you dislike spiders (or other insects) in your house and want to remove them without harm, all you need is the Spider Catcher.  It works by gently surrounding the spider (or insect) with bristles allowing you to pick it up and release it outside.  Harmless and environmentally safe: no chemicals.

Designed to remove any spider or insects, safely, quickly, cleanly and without harm while keeping you at a safe distance, the Spider catcher is simple, safe, hygienic and reusable.

How can I catch spiders and insects? 

The Spider Catcher works by surrounding the spider or insect with bristles that close and harmlessly trap allowing you to pick up and kill or release outside. Simply point and press. The spider is kept at arms length at all times. Poison free, doesn't require cleaning. The spider catcher is easy to use, and easy to safely release the spider or insect without harming them.


Quality spider catcher with easy squeeze handle and long reach. Shipped Australia wide 

How to remove spiders and insects using the Spider Catcher

  1. The Spider Catcher is approximately 65cm in length so you can approach the spider from a safe distance. 
  2. Grasp the handle and with a squeeze of the trigger the bristles will open. 
  3. Surround the spider with the bristles and quickly release the trigger.  The bristles will close gently safely catching the spider. 
  4. Release the spider by squeezing the handle again. 


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The Snake repellers are working very well, had a snake wander through over the weekend and it turned around way before it even got near the device. So I'd like to order another two!

Gaye H, Hope Valley, WA

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