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  • Protecta Mouse Round Bait Station Keyless



    Protecta Mouse Round Bait Station Keyless

    1-5 $7.00
    6+ $6.00

    Tamper resistant bait station

    The Protecta keyless mouse bait station provides a tamper-resistant bait station without a key, making servicing quick and easy.  The station locks with a twist of the lid and unlocks with a coordinated squeeze and twist.

    The circular design provides three separate entry points for mice, each with its own feeding station allowing several mice to feed at the same time.  The station holds 2 bait blox secured by built in securing pegs.

    • Use along walls, in corners and in small, tight spots
    • Suitable Tomcat and Contrac bait blocks  
    • Dimensions: diameter 12cm x height 6cm
    The Protecta keyless mouse bait station can be used along walls, in corners, or virtually anywhere you need to bait.  The station holds up to two BLOX, allowing ample bait in areas of high mouse populations.  The BLOX fit on built-in securing pegs in the station.

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Easy to set up and it is very successful at chasing the possums out of my garden, took three nights of frequent blasts of water and for the last week they have taken the hint and are letting my plants grow, at last!


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