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From Snake Deterrents to Possum Traps and Much More!

Derwent Traders offer a variety of products designed to repel and deter animals in a humane way. We provide a broad selection of mouse, insect, possum, rabbit, bird and snake deterrents that are safe to use around children, on your property or on camping grounds. Many products in our range have been designed to keep unwanted animals away without harming them, so you can have peace of mind that your family and home will be safe and sound, and no animals will get hurt. Humane cat traps and other cages are available, should you prefer a trap and release approach.

At Derwent Traders we want to fully satisfy our customers, which is why we offer our clients high quality at low prices. We only stock the best brands and top-of-the-range products like our safe and efficient ultrasonic insect repellers. By making the animal extremely uncomfortable, it wards them away from a certain radius around the unit. Insect repellers are excellent for garden beds, and as a citronella-free alternative for outdoor entertaining areas.

Different parts of the country are affected by different pests, with seasonal differences as well, which is why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get the equipment you need, wherever you are. You can order our products conveniently online, and we will deliver them Australia wide, directly to your front door. With our low flat rates on shipping, there’s no need to wait – you can afford to get rid of those unwanted visitors now!

Keep pests away the smart way with Derwent Traders.

I have only had my spider catcher a couple of weeks but I would just like you to know that it is fantastic! I wish I had bought one a year ago. Thank you very much.


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