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Do snakes come past snake repellers?

It is always very hard to explain as to why a snake has come into the zone of the snake repeller as it is hard to ascertain why a snake is on the move.
Some of the circumstances I have had in the past where this has happened are.

• A neighbour was slashing his grass and therefore drove the snake over to the next property.

• A lady had a potting shed with compost heaps outside and a rock retaining wall and gravel around the area, -this would be a hard area to defend.

• Another person had a tiered garden on a hill with a lot of pine bark etc, -this also was a hard area to defend.

• Another person had a food source (rabbit warren) close to the house – the snake will still come just more warily.
We do sell a lot of snake repellers and do have great feedback from our customers and some great stories of either seeing no snakes or cutting down the number of snakes seen since installing snake repellers.

We can’t be more exact for you as a snake is a wild animal and they are all different and somewhat unpredictable. I do encourage you to continue with them as they do work.

Some of the things to look at are-Rubbish piles or anywhere a snake can easily hide, this includes even thick vegetation in the garden.

Grass kept cut. Water being kept around the house.

Compost heaps – they provide shelter and food for the snakes prey as well as protection.

Snakes are normally secretive and timid animals. They like to hide in the most unlikely places including under wood, tin, old lino, concrete slabs, plastic and roof tiles on the ground, within piles of bricks, pipes, firewood and stones, inside sheds and houses.

So we need to do all that is possible to make your property snake un-friendly and this includes the use of snake repellers.