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How can I tell if my Catstop is working?

If you suspect your CatStop is not working, please try this simple test:
Position the unit so that it is laying on its back on a flat surface.
Place a pinch of salt on the metallic speaker disk.
Slowly pass your hand over the sensor to activate the unit.
If the salt is lifted off the speaker within a few seconds your unit is emitting a frequency. If the salt doesn’t move around at all, or shows very little movement, your unit is not generating the correct power. Replace the battery and try the test again. If it still isn’t working correctly it may need to be replaced. If your unit is within the two-year warranty period, we will be happy to replace it for you.
If the unit passes the above test, but the cat problem isn’t going away, it is possible the cat/s you are trying to deter are older, hard of hearing, or an exotic breed that has a slightly different hearing range than the average cat. Please check the following to eliminate other potential causes.
Replace the battery with a brand new 9-volt alkaline battery fresh from the package. Always choose a good quality name brand battery and be sure they have not expired. Occasionally, customers tell us they tested their batteries before putting them into our products but battery testers can only tell you if there is a charge available and not whether or not those batteries are capable of handling the power demand of a working product.
Check to see if the red light comes on when you trigger the CatStop. It should come on for around eight seconds and then go off. It will take another ten seconds for it to reset. If the light does not come on, but the unit passes the salt test, the light may have burnt out. This will not affect the CatStop’s ability to function.
If you’ve changed the batteries, the light is not working, or the CatStop does not appear to be affecting cats that are not hard of hearing or an exotic breed, please call our customer service team on 03 6272 3270.