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How do I get rats and mice into the trap?

Bait: The manufacturer recommends dry dog food, however, many other baits work well including Dynamic lifter, blood & bone. Maybe the best bait is the type of food they have already been eating. Peanut Butter, corn and many other moist foods are very successful; however, it is critical that they NOT be placed on the floor of the trap unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time cleaning up the mess once the electric shock bonds it to the floor.

The answer is to place moist bait in a small plastic bottle cap (not a jar cap) Please be sure the unit is turned off before installing the bait.

The bait should be placed in the back of the Zapper (the opposite end to the opening) on the last plate.

Now turn it on, the red light should come on for a second and turn straight off. You are ready.