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How do I test that the trap is working?

Bait is gone and NO red light?

Batteries: Make sure they are “D” batteries of the correct quality and are working and that all contacts are touching. Test the unit – see below

Testing the trap

Testing the Rat Zapper “CLASSIC” or’ Raticator PLUS’ to be sure it’s working

Conduct a spark test

A spark test will let you know if the unit is working correctly Spark Test for Classic

This test safely replicates the kill cycle. It’s a great way to see if your unit is working properly or just to observe the zapping in action (minus the rodent).

You’ll need about a 180mm long screw driver with a plastic or rubber handle. Set the unit on a counter or table.

Check what batteries they are being used. Flat or incorrect batteries will fail a spark test.

Turn on the unit and turn it around so that you’re looking through the metal grate in the back of the unit.

You’ll see a square hole in the metal grid on the back of the zapper.
Put the screwdriver through the hole allowing it to rest on the metal grate (see photo), then place the tip of the screwdriver on the center “island” plate inside the unit. Both of these contacts are necessary.

Then, allow the screw driver tip to rest on the center “island” plate, then slowly begin raising the tip of the screwdriveroff the plate.

When you do this, you should see a strong blue spark that arcs about 3mm to 6mm high. It will also create a soft buzzing sound which could last for about a minute or so.

As with a kill, the red light on top of the unit will blink until the unit is reset.