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How often do you need to clean the trap?

The trap needs to be cleaned regularly after 5-6 kills.

When dust, dirt or other contaminants** accumulate in the zapper you will need to clean the trap.

**The main one being body fluids that the rodent released when it was electrocuted. Urine left behind can crystallize and create a short circuit.

1) Remove the batteries before cleaning to insure safety

2) Fill a pan or sink with about 25 to 30mm of warm water along with a small amount of dish washing detergent. Set the Zapper inside the pan and let it soak for at least one hour (to loosen debris) and neutralize any crystallized urine.

3) Using a soft bristle or bottle brush, gently brush the bottom of your Zapper.

4) To rinse, carefully allow a gentle stream of warm fresh water to flow over the cleaned bottom surface of the zapper for at least 60 seconds, Do not spray the unit out or allow moisture to intrude into the electronics that are housed at the top of the unit as this may cause the electronics to short out and impair the units performance. After cleaning and rinsing the bottom of the zapper, stand the Zapper vertical then leave the unit to air dry in the sun (do not us an air compressor) depending on the weather this could take a full day for total evaporation.