Heavy Duty Design Galvanised Steel Construction, Buy From A Trusted Australian Seller.

Live Catch & Release Extra Large Animal Trap

  • Live Catch & Release Large Folding Animal Trap.
  • Heavy Duty design for the humane catch & release of Larger animals (Brushtail Possums, Feral Cats etc.).
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Opens one end.
  • Size – 80 x 28 x 33cm

Catcha Live Catch Animal Trap – Setup Guide.

Catcha Animal Traps require minimal assembly and can be set up or packed away in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Erecting The Trap.

Once the trap has been removed from its box, simply lift the trap by the handles and it will automatically fall into shape.

Then pull down on the rear door until it is in a vertical position.

When the rear door has been positioned into place insert the “U” shaped locking pin to ensure the animal cannot escape via the rear door once trapped.

Step 2: Stabilizing The Trap.

The ‘U’ shaped brace is used to square and stabilise the trap.

Simply fold it down until it’s vertical. Then lock in place using the clips on the side of the trap.

3: Setting The Trap

To set the trap, push the spring-loaded hinged entry door up to the top of the trap and latch it with the spring hook . This will lift the trip plate off the bottom of the trap, setting it up for your catch to tread on and release the door.

Step 4: Test Trap Prior To Use.

The trap should now be ready for use. To test the trap, simply push down on the pedal with a small stick or similar. Be sure to do this either through the side of the trap or by opening the back (release door) to avoid the spring-loaded entry door closing on your arm.

Step 5: Releasing The Animal.

Use the back door (right end) to release the animal. Consider the animal’s welfare – try not to put the trap in the full sun and check it regularly. Contact your local authority for the rules on the species you are targeting.